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WP User Role Page/Post Access

WP User Role Page/Post Access addon for Fluent Forms Pro plugin helps you create a quick one-level membership website on WordPress.

 During the next two weeks, it will be $19.99 LTD. After the two weeks, it will be $39.99 for the LTD (unlimited websites.) For support please visit our FB group!

50% off till March 2nd

100% Compatiable with Fluent Forms (pro)!


I looked at a lot of membership solutions for WordPress. Most have too many features, which I did not need to start with a simple membership website. I only needed a way for users to sign up, pay, and then access membership level posts or page contents. This plugin does that using the Fluent Forms Pro plugin as the base.


WordPress (org) website.
Fluent Forms Pro version plugin.
And the requirement to create a simple membership website.

WP User Role Page/Post Access
user role,userrole,membership,plugin,WordPress

Drop on over to Gumroad to purchase the plugin.

We have decided to release our user role plugin that works with the Fluent Forms registration integration module to create a simple 1 level membership plugin with post or page access options.

user role,userrole,membership,plugin,WordPress

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